Then: Pastime Club

Then: Pastime Club

The Saint

Now: The Saint

In 1890, Charles Greenfield built his new building on Main Street. The contract was awarded to John C. Mixon & Son. The St. Helena Star reported on July 25 that someone had stolen Frank Mixon’s (John’s son) foot ruler as he was working at the Greenfield project. As it was a very good quality one, he looked everywhere for it. It finally appeared in the adjoining saloon, where it had been pawned for beer. Frank paid the barkeep 50 cents and got his ruler back. Before the building sold to the Bank of St. Helena in 1905, it was occupied by a dry goods store.

The original bank building, located near the intersection of Main and Spring St., needed to be replaced, so Greenfield sold them his 15-year-old building for $10! In 1925, the Bank was sold to the Bank of Italy. It later became Bank of America. It is now The Saint, a wine bar, but the building has also housed St. Helena Olive Oil, Napa Valley Electric Co., a PG&E office, and several neighborhood bars. The fine quality of the bank safe is still evident today, as it remains on the premises by the back wall.

Visitors can view the original pressed-tin decorated ceiling (now painted white) as well as the beautiful marble wainscoting with the stone walls above.

1351 Main Street St Helena CA