About St. Helena Historical Society

Our Mission

The St. Helena Historical Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002.  Our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and provide access to the history of the St. Helena area from the ancient settlements of the first Native Americans to the present day.

What we do

We achieve our mission by collecting photographs, documents, artifacts, books, oral histories, and other cultural objects, and then preserving and interpreting them to the public by means of exhibits, educational programs, lectures, public events, and publications.  We also undertake research projects on local subjects for anyone who requests them.

Why it’s important

One of St. Helena’s greatest qualities is its rich and diverse heritage.  A stroll down Main Street easily attests to the charm and small-town character found here, but there are layers and depths of stories beyond the surface.  The St. Helena Historical Society deepens our understanding and appreciation of the lives and deeds of our local history-makers, past and present.

The future

The St. Helena Historical Society is currently located in donated space on the second floor of the St. Helena Library where we maintain a small office and collections storage space.  As our collection grows and research requests increase, the need for a dedicated facility becomes more apparent.  Our goal is to create the St. Helena Historical Center for the benefit of the entire St. Helena community.  The Center would act to preserve, document and exhibit local history, provide a meeting place for local organizations and offer research facilities for local students, residents and businesses.