1320 Main: Then

1320 Main: Now

The Traub/Keller building was built in 1915.  The first building on this site was a small frame building, dating from the late 1850’s to the early 1860’s, and was used as a blacksmith shop.  It was later converted to a bakery and then H. Traub expanded it into a grocery.

In 1924, new owners negotiated with Traub to erect a new building that would also house the Knox Meat Market (then in another building on Main Street).  The new reinforced concrete building was divided into two parts: a grocery and a meat market.  In the back, there were workrooms with a large refrigerator, vats for lard production, a smokehouse for curing hams and bacon, and a sausage maker. Later the business was sold to the Kellers and in 1965, Ernie Navone, an employee since 1949, bought Keller’s Meat Market.  He charmed many youngsters with a hot dog or a piece of salami while their mothers shopped.  It has been a restaurant but is now unoccupied.

1320 Main Street St. Helena CA