Then: Original building had arches

Then: Arches were removed

Now: Remodeled with new arches

Joseph Kettlewell was a skilled blacksmith who arrived here in 1872 and began to establish a business.  In 1884, Kettlewell and his son built the present day brick building.  It included a general merchandise store on the ground floor and doctors’ offices above. The Kettlewell building became the largest 19th-century commercial building on Main Street.

Other businesses have since occupied this building.  In 1905, G.W. Schmidt had a general store and farm implements line.  A furniture store and an electrical supply store have also occupied the space. Doctors’ and dentists’ offices were located upstairs.

In 1967, the Vasconi family renovated the building and they are still in business here today.

1379-1381 Main Street